• SunFunder is a solar investment platform for both private and crowd investors. SunFunder provides financing to grow solar energy in emerging markets. SunFunder’s portfolio of high-impact solar loans brings sustainable and clean energy access to people who need it most. more»

  • Hippocampus Learning Centres (HLC) provides affordable educational services to children in rural India. HLC operates Kindergarten and after school education centres in villages throughout the rural districts of Mandya, Davangere and Shimoga in the state of Karnataka, and is looking to expanding to more districts in the near future. more»

  • Simpa sells solar-as-a-service to households and micro-enterprises in rural India through an innovative leasing model similar pre-paid mobile phones, that enables easy and risk-free access reliable solar electricity. Customers make a small initial payment to have system installed, then it’s pay-as-you-go. Once fully paid, the customer owns the system more»

  • Logistimo pioneers mobile and web supply chain technology for low-resource settings in rural emerging markets that enables anyone with a mobile device to participate in the supply channel. Customers include retailers, distributors, transporters, wholesalers and producers seeking deeper integration of the first- and last-mile of their value chains. more»

  • EyeNetra builds and delivers next generation eye diagnostics on mobile devices and a cloud infrastructure that connects the eye glass industry with the 2.4 billion people around the world without glasses who need them. more»

  • Babajob.com is dedicated to making the informal job market in India more efficient and transparent by connecting millions of jobseekers and employers through the web and mobile phones. This results in job seekers receiving better paying jobs that are closer to home and enables employers to streamline their hiring process. more»

  • MokshaYug Access (MYA) is a supply chain solutions company that is building income certainty for rural producers through participation across every component of the supply chain. This involves establishing rural producer relationships, providing yield improvement programs, procuring infrastructure and delivering rural produce to urban markets. more»

  • Bridge International Academies is the world’s largest chain of primary schools offering high-quality education at an affordable price. Our vertically integrated Academy-in-a-Box approach has reengineered the entire lifecycle of basic education, leveraging data, technology and scale in order to keep quality up and prices as low. more»

  • Driptech makes affordable drip irrigation for small-plot farmers. Through proprietary manufacturing and novel distribution, Driptech enables any farmer to invest in appropriate irrigation technologies, allowing them to save water, labor and substantially increase their yield and income. more»

  • Kopo Kopo enables SMEs to prosper by making mobile money smarter. They allow SMEs to accept, process, and analyze mobile payments in real-time and engage customers using targeted, promotional and loyalty tools. Using existing local infrastructure, Kopo Kopo is accelerating the transition from cash-based economies to digital ones. more»

  • BBOXX provides plug & play solar systems from 3W to 5kW with appropriate low power accessories to cater to a wide range of energy needs. more»

  • Embrace Innovations develops affordable healthcare technologies for emerging markets.Their flagship product is an innovative, low cost infant warmer for vulnerable babies. The Embrace infant warmer is portable and functions without a constant supply of electricity, making it suitable for rural areas in emerging markets. more»

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