mark straub

In 2010 Mark approached Vinod about setting up a fund to back companies serving “the other 3 billion people in the world,” those consumers and businesses that Silicon Valley and Wall Street didn’t typically pay attention to. A year later they set up Khosla Impact — a venture fund investing in early stage entrepreneurs that open up markets, increase human productivity and improve standards of living for people living and working in emerging economies.

Prior to Khosla Impact, Mark’s career spanned two continents and three industries. After graduating from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, he began his career in technology investment banking in San Francisco.

In 2006 he moved in India and joined Lok Capital in New Delhi as an early employee and the first American. At Lok, Mark was involved in supporting the growth of India’s microfinance industry. He sourced the firm’s investment in Ujjivan, and led work on Spandana, while blogging about the industry’s opportunities and challenges and initiating a fellows program to support Lok’s portfolio.

More recently, Mark was a member of DFJ Growth, a multi-hundred million dollar expansion stage fund investing in category leading technology companies including Admob, betaworks (bit.ly), Tesla Motors, and SpaceX.

Outside of work, Mark is an avid traveler, skier and foodie. He has been fortunate enough to visit 18 of India’s 28 states and foolish to ski within earshot of Kashmir’s line of control.