First Time Founders 

At Khosla Impact and in previous firms, we’ve had the opportunity to work with and advise a number of passionate first-time entrepreneurs. For founders who are embarking on the...

Our Philosophy on Impact 

Are you an “Impact” Investor? All investments have “impact,” the question is, what kind?

Varun Bhalla’s Insights for Entrepreneurs  

I recently joined Khosla Impact as the first India-based Associate. Based on my previous entrepreneurial stints, here are a few learnings I would like to share with founding teams

Purpose of a Business to Create a Customer 

At Khosla Impact, we agree with Peter Drucker’s old refrain about customer-centricity. Without customers, a company cannot serve its employees or its shareholders.

What We’re Learning: Build, Test, Measure 

In building Khosla Impact, we have become proponents of “Build, Test, Measure”, the lean methodology of company creation made popular by Eric Ries in The Lean Startup

Eyenetra Device Slashes the Cost of Eye Exams 

Khosla Impact investee EyeNetra is testing its next generation handheld eye test with people across India

Moksha Yug Access Boosts Yields, Disrupts Dairy Supply Chains    In February 2013, Moksha Yug Access (MYA), a rural supply chain solutions company based in Bangalore, India launched its own bran...